Northeast Pacific OOI Workshop – Presentations

The Workshop Agenda

Day 1 – Tuesday, June 7, 2022: (click on the title of presentation to view slides)

Welcome and IntroductionsKendra Daly, OOIFB Chair
NSF ReportLisa Clough, Bob Houtman, Lindsay Martin, Arnoldo Valle-Levinson
OOI Program Management Office (PMO) ReportJim Edson (OOI/WHOI)
The OOI Northeast Pacific Arrays Session:
Regional Cabled ArrayDeb Kelley (UW)
Coastal Endurance ArrayEd Dever (OSU)
Global Station Papa ArrayAl Plueddemann (WHOI)
OOI Data Delivery and the Cyberinfrastructure SessionJeff Glatstein (WHOI) and Anthony Koppers (OSU)
Science Plenary – The Warm BlobAndrew Leising (NOAA)
QA/QC Efforts focusing on pCO2, pH, Oxygen, CTD, and Acoustic DataChris Wingard (OSU), Wendi Ruef (UW, virtual participant), and Andrew Reed (WHOI)
Breakout Session #1: Demonstrations – Accessing OOI Data
Thredds and ERDDAPChris Wingard (OSU)
Data ExplorerCraig Risien (OSU) and Stace Beaulieu (WHOI)
Machine to Machine (M2M)Andrew Reed (WHOI) and Sage Lichtenwalner (Rutgers)
Raw Data Server, Camera Data, Hydrophone DataMike Vardaro (UW) and Wendi Ruef (UW)
Science Plenary – Preparing for the next eruption of Axial SeamountWilliam Wilcock (UW)
Day 1 Closing RemarksTommy Moore, (NWIFC)

Day 2 – Wednesday, June 8, 2022 (click on the title of presentation to view slides)

Welcome – Day 2Annette DeSilva, OOIFB Executive Secretary
Science Plenary – Modeling with OOI DataChris Edwards (UCSC)
NE Pacific Ocean Observing Assets (Non-OOI) Session 
Ocean Networks Canada (ONC)Richard Dewey (ONC)
NOAA Station PapaMeghan Cronin (NOAA)
NOAA Fisheries SurveysAndrew Leising (NOAA)
Institute of Ocean Science (IOS)/DFO & ArgoTetjana Ross (IOS)
Breakout Session #2: Major Science Questions 
Seafloor/GeophysicsWilliam Wilcock (UW) and Diana Garcia Silva (Queens College)
Biogeochemical fluxes (ocean acidification, nutrient cycling)Ed Dever (OSU) and Kate Hewett (UW)
Physical-biological interactions (turbulence, cross-shelf exchanges, optical attenuation, populations)Maria Kavanaugh (OSU) and Melanie Fewings (OSU)
Large scale climate patterns and processes, including the Warm BlobAndrew Leising (NOAA) and Albert Hermann (NOAA)
Ocean AcousticsWu-Jung Lee (UW) and Benjamin Evans (MIT)
Instruments and Opportunities using the OOI infrastructure 
Program technology developments:  UV bio-fouling mitigation, Dissolved oxygen/glidersChris Wingard (OSU)
RCA Shallow Profilers – Finding Singularities in the Upper OceanEric McRae (UW)
A community test of distributed acoustic sensing on the OOI RCAWilliam Wilcock (UW)
Plenary – A New Reign of Ocean Discovery: Cloud-Based Data Access and Exploration  Don Setiawan (W)
Breakout Session #3: Geographic Region 
Axial and RidgesBill Chadwick (OSU) and Meethila Rahman (Queens College)
Shelf to Slope Base, including hypoxia and fisheriesJack Barth (OSU) and Thomas Connolly (MLML)
Open Ocean and Station PapaTetjana Ross (IOS) and Jim Edson (OOI PMO/WHOI)
Day 2 – Closing RemarksDax Soule (Queens College)

Day 3 – Thursday, June 9, 2022 (click on the title of presentation to view slides)

Welcome – Day 3Kendra Daly, OOIFB Chair
Plenary Session – OOI Modeling Applications, a panel discussion 
Albert Hermann (NOAA) 
Alexander Kurapov (NOAA) 
Guangyu Xu (UW) 
Plenary – Developing Undergraduates’ Scientific Reasoning with OOI Data VisualizationsKathy Browne (Rider University)
Community Building and Broadening Your Impact using OOI Data IntroductionAnnette DeSilva, OOIFB Executive Secretary
Building Effective PartnershipsJanice McDonnell, Rutgers University
Perspectives on using Observatory Data in Education and Partnership Programs 
High School StudentArtash Nath
Undergraduate StudentLottie Gonzalez (UW Alumnus)
EducatorCheryl Greengrove (UW Tacoma)
ONC Community ScienceRichard Dewey (ONC)
Breakout Session #4:  Broader Impacts 
Improved STEM Education: effective use of OOI in the classroomDwight Owens (ONC) and Dax Soule (CUNY – Queens College)
Making Research Partnerships Between Researchers and Educators  Tamara Barriquand (Cal Poly Humboldt) and Meng Xia (University of Maryland Eastern Shore)
Community ScienceJesse Hutchinson (ONC) and Valentina Staneva (UW)
PartnershipsTommy Moore (NWIFC) and Darlene Trew Crist (OOI/WHOI)
Looking ForwardJim Edson (OOI PMO/WHOI) and Darlene Trew Crist (OOI/WHOI)
Concluding Remarks and Wrap-UpKendra Daly, OOIFB Chair