The NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) and Data Systems Committee (DSC) held a joint Spring 2024 Meeting in Alexandria, VA.

DATES: May 7-9 2024

LOCATION: US National Science Foundation Offices, Alexandria, VA 22314

The goals of this meeting were to engage in collaborative discussions surrounding the current and future activities of the OOIFB and DSC.

In-person participants of the 2024 DSC/OOIFB Spring Meetings


The meeting agenda is available HERE.

A list of participants can be found HERE.


Minutes will become available soon


(available presentations are linked below)

Tuesday, May 7th – DSC Meeting

Welcome, Introductions & Review agenda – Jim Potemra, DSC Interim Chair

  • Brief membership recap/view

OOI Data Delivery System PresentationJeff Glatstein

Revisit Activities outlined in the 2023 DSC Annual Report (review recommendations, master timeline of activities, other updates) – Jim Potemra


DSC Discussion Topics

  • How are users accessing acoustics/video data; how does this involve data services?
  • OOI acoustic data and cloud data processing workflows – John Ragland
    • Integration into JupyterHub? – Dax Soule/Karen Bemis
    • RCA and ML/AI (Amazon cloud computing, data visualization) – Wendi Reuf


DSC Discussion: Data curation document – Jim Potemra

Reports from other Agencies and Observatories (focused on data use, workflows, etc.)


DSC OOI AWP discussion- CI Focused (closed door) *review AWP review process

DSC Other Business – Holly Morin

  • Revisit DSC Monthly Web Conferences – day/time
    • Next DSC web call: Tuesday, May 21 at 3:30pm ET

       Around the Table

DSC Closing Remarks – Jim Potemra

Adjourn for the day

Wednesday, May 8th – Joint DSC and OOIFB Meeting

Welcome, Introductions & Review agenda – Dax Soule, OOIFB Chair

  • Brief membership recap/review

Update from NSF – NSF OOI Program Director, George Voulgaris

Update from the DSC – Jim Potemra, DSC Interim Chair

  • DSC focus areas and activities
  • Recap of DSC Discussions from May 7th (minus AWP discussions)

Report out from OOIFB Modeling Committee (recap of recap of comments from OSM Town Hall; C. Risien publication as a data/process example) – Kendra Daly, OOIFB Immediate Past Chair

Updates from the OOI Program Office and MIOs – Updates will include information about operational updates, community engagement activities, and user metrics. There will be time for questions after each report (times below include 5 minutes for Q&A) with a discussion period at the conclusion of the session.

  • OOI 2.0 Program Update
    • Community Engagement activities
  • Status of each array and community engagement activities
    • 1200: Discussion


CI and Data Delivery Updates

OOI Sensor Servicing, Tech Refresh, and Future SensorsEd Dever and the OOI Team

OOIFB and the Community – Dax Soule/Holly Morin

  • Update: 2024 Pioneer Array Community Workshop
  • Discussion: Summer 2025 sensor workshop
  • Update: AGU 2024 (Washington DC)
  • Discussion: Early Career Scientist (ECS) engagement
  • Other venues and events to consider [OSM 2026- Glasgow]
  • Next in-person meeting [tentative plan: UW in Fall 2024; OSU in Spring 2025; back to NSF Fall 2025]

OOI Education Programs – Update and discussion on future OOI education initiatives

  • NSF UpdateLisa Rom
  • Data Labs Project Update– Janice McDonnell and Anna Pfifer-Herbert


Joint DSC-OOIFB AWP discussion (closed door) *review AWP review process

Wrap up and closing remarks – Dax Soule

Adjourn for the day (dinner on your own)

Thursday, May 9th – OOIFB Meeting

Welcome, Introductions & Review agenda – Dax Soule

Reports from other Agencies and Observatories

Future activities and focus areas for the OOIFB – Dax Soule

  • OOIFB Action Item review
  • Other activities – open discussion BREAK

OOIFB Membership Review (closed door)

OOIFB Other Business – Holly Morin

  • Revisit OOIFB Monthly Web Conferences – day/time
    • Next OOIFB web call: Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 1pm ET

Wrap up and closing remarks – Dax Soule

Meeting Adjourn