Participants of the OOIFB and DSC Fall Meeting (Oct 11-13, 2023)
at WHOI in Falmouth, MA. Photo credit: Karen Besson


  • Wednesday – October 11th – Data Systems Committee (DSC) meeting
  • Thursday – October 12th – OOIFB and DSC joint session
  • Friday – October 13th – OOIFB meeting


The DSC and OOIFB held their Fall Meeting at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Quissett Campus in Falmouth, MA.


The meeting agenda is available HERE.

A list of participants can be found HERE.


Minutes will become available soon.


(available presentations are linked below)

Wednesday, October 11th – DSC Meeting

OOI Data Delivery Systems: Present and Future – Jeff Glatstein

Revisit the 2022 DSC Annual Report and Status of Future DSC Activities– Jim Potemra

Cybersecurity, an NSF Perspective – Michael Corn

DSC Terms of Reference and Membership – Jim Potemra

Machine Learning and AI – Richard Dewey

Data Labs Project – update and future plans – Sage Lichtenwalner

Engaging the OOI Modeling Community – OOIFB modeling group members discussion – Chris Edwards, Ruoying He, and John Wilkin

DSC Other Business – Holly Morin and Jim Potemra

Thursday, October 12th – Joint Session of the OOIFB and DSC

Welcome, Introductions & Review agenda – Dax Soule

Update from NSF – OOI Program Director, George Voulgaris

Updates from the OOI Program Office and MIOs

Status of each Array and community engagement activities

CI and Data Delivery Updates

Modeling Group Report – A report on discussions with the DSC and the draft white paper – Chris Edwards

Relocation of the Pioneer Array Update – Al Plueddeman and Derek Buffitt

OOI Sensor Servicing, Tech Refresh, and Future Sensors – Ed Dever and OOI team

Biogeochemistry Sensor Working Group – Report on Best Practices, activities, and future plans – Heather Benway (WHOI) and Hilary Palevsky (Boston College)

Friday, October 13th – OOIFB Meeting

Opening for the day – Dax Soule

OOI Education Programs – Update and discussion on future OOI education initiatives

NSF Update – Lisa Rom

Data Labs Project Update and Future Plans – Janice McDonnell

Town Halls, National Meetings, and Workshops

  • OOIFB Town Hall at the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting – Holly Morin
  • Pioneer Array Community Workshop – Dax Soule

Reports from other Agencies and Observatories – Representatives from other agencies are participating (BOEM, DOE, Navy).

Opportunity for remarks from other agencies and organizations:

  • BOEM – Tom Kilpatrick
  • DOE- Shannon Davis

Future activities and focus areas for the OOIFB – Dax Soule

OOIFB Other Business – Holly Morin