Northeast Pacific OOI Community Workshop 2022

June 7 to 9, 2022
Portland, Oregon

Hosted by the OOI Facility Board with funding provided by the National Science Foundation.


  • Tuesday, 6/7  Full day – Workshop location to be announced soon.
  • Wednesday, 6/8   Full day – Workshop location to be announced soon.
  • Thursday, 6/9  Full day – Workshop location to be announced soon.


The Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) will host a workshop focusing on current and future science that can be addressed using data from OOI’s infrastructure in the Northeast Pacific and other regional observatory arrays.  This workshop was scheduled to be held in 2020, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are hopeful that in June 2022, members of our community can safely come together for a productive workshop.

The workshop is aimed at researchers who are using or are considering using OOI data and/or adding instrumentation to OOI infrastructure; resource managers from national, state, and tribal agencies; and educators at all levels interested in using data from the OOI’s Cabled, Endurance, and Station Papa Arrays.  

The workshop will inform the research community of the available data and science opportunities offered by the OOI and other observatory arrays located in the Northeast Pacific. An overview of OOI data products, user interfaces, and system features will be provided along with hands-on demonstrations using Data Explorer and other data access tools. OOI Program Team members and NSF representatives will be on hand to answer questions and provide information on OOI operations.

The workshop will provide a forum to facilitate science collaborations, identify strategies for engaging future users of OOI, and build cross-network collaborations.  Community-building and expanding broader impacts will be discussed.  Workshop participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences in working with the OOI systems and data. 


A full 3-day program is planned and will include plenary presentations and breakout sessions. Evening poster sessions are planned and your participation is encouraged. The detailed agenda will be posted here when available.


Your active participation in the workshop is requested! Please volunteer to present a poster that highlights how you have used (or plan to use) data from the OOI and other observatory arrays located in the northeast Pacific. You can volunteer to present a poster when completing the workshop application form.

Limited funding is available to offset participant travel expenses. When completing the application form, you will be asked if funding is requested, and if so how much.


Participation in the workshop will be by application.  An online application form will be available in February. In-person participation, as well as options for virtual participation, are planned. The application form will ask if you would like to volunteer to present a poster and if so, a brief description of the poster is requested.

Workshop Logistics

Hotel Accommodations:

Information about hotel accommodations, COVID-19 guidance, parking, transportation, and other logistic information will be posted here when available.

COVID-19 Guidance:

All workshop participants will be required to show proof of vaccination and booster(s). Social distancing and masking requirements will be in place during the workshop and will follow the CDC guidance at the time of the workshop. Additional details will be provided as the workshop gets closer.

Transportation in the Portland area:

Transportation options at the Portland, Oregon airport can be found at:

Light Rail transportation is available within Portland: 

Photo credits: Right and left image – University of Washington, NSF-OOI/CSSF, Center image – NSF-OOI Endurance Array Program, OSU