2022 Northeast Pacific OOI Workshop – Video recordings

Northeast Pacific OOI Workshop
OSU Portland Campus Center
555 SW Morrison Street
Portland, OR
June 7-9, 2022, Tuesday – Thursday
June 10, 2022, Friday – OOI Data Delivery Session

*some recordings were lost due to technical issues

Day 1 – June 7, 2022

Full day’s recording

Plenary: The Warm Blob – Andrew Leising (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Break out session #1: Demonstrations – Accessing OOI Data

  • Thredds and ERDDAP, Chris Wingard (OSU)
  • Data Explorer, Craig Risien (OSU) and Stace Beaulieu (WHOI, virtual participant)
  • M2M, Andrew Reed (WHOI) and Sage Lichtenwalner (Rutgers, virtual participant)
  • Raw Data Server, Camera Data, Hydrophone Data, Mike Vardaro (UW) and Wendi Ruef (UW, virtual participant)

Plenary: Preparing for the next eruption of Axial Seamount – William Wilcock (University of Washington)

Day 2 – June 8, 2022

Full day’s recording

Plenary: Modeling with OOI Data – Chris Edwards (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Break out session #2: Major Science Questions

Plenary: A New Reign of Ocean Discovery: Cloud-Based Data Access and Exploration – Don Setiawan (University of Washington)

Breakout Session #3: Geographic Region

  • Axial and Ridges, Bill Chadwick (OSU) and Meethila Rahman (Queens College)
  • Shelf to Slope Base, including hypoxia and fisheries, Jack Barth (OSU) and Thomas Connolly (MLML)
  • Open Ocean and Station Papa, Tetjana Ross (IOS/Fisheries and Oceans Canada) and Jim Edson (OOI PMO/WHOI)

Day 3 – June 9, 2022

Full day’s recording

Plenary Session: OOI Modeling Applications, a panel discussion – Panelists Albert Hermann (NOAA), Alexander Kurapov (NOAA), and Guangyu Xu (UW)

Plenary: Developing Undergraduates’ Scientific Reasoning with OOI Data Visualizations – Kathy Browne (Rider University)

Breakout Session #4: Apply what we have learned and brainstorm ideas that will drive innovative broader impacts work that benefits society

  • Education, Dwight Owens (ONC) and Dax Soule (CUNY – Queens College)
  • Education, Tamara Barriquand (Cal Poly Humboldt) and Meng Xia (University of Maryland Eastern Shore)
  • Community Science, Jesse Hutchinson (ONC) and Valentina Staneva (UW)
  • Partnerships, Tommy Moore (NWIFC) and Darlene Trew Crist (OOI/WHOI)

Plenary: OOI Feedback Session – Workshop participants had an opportunity to share their feedback and suggestions about the OOI System and Program. Session leaders – Ed Dever (OSU), Deb Kelley (UW), and Al Plueddemann (WHOI)

Plenary: Looking Forward – Jim Edson (OOI PMO/WHOI) and Darlene Trew Crist (OOI/WHOI)

Day 4 – June 10, 2022 – Q&A Session on OOI Data Delivery Session

Full day’s recording: Q&A Session on OOI Data Delivery with focus on the Data Explorer System- Stace Beaulieu (WHOI, virtual participant), Andrew Reed (WHOI), Wendi Ruef (UW, virtual participant), Mike Vardaro (UW), and Chris Wingard (OSU)