AuthorsPoster Title
Shima Abadi (UW), John Ragland (UW), Felix Schwock (UW)Ocean Ambient Noise Analysis using the OOI Acoustic Data
Tamara Barriquand, Jeffrey Abell, Heath Boulanger, Karina Bernbeck, Lauren Gaul, A. Ayse Macknight, Joelle Mattos, Vanessa Pacheco (all authors – Cal Poly Humboldt)Assessing Geological, Biological, and Tidal-Driven Impacts to Humboldt Bay’s pH: an Oceanography Senior Capstone course project using in situ and CENCOOS data
Karen Bemis (Rutgers), Guangyu Xu (APL-UW), Darrell Jackson (APL-UW), Anatoliy Ivakin (APL-UW), Dax Soule (Queens College), Michael Zhao (Rutgers)Using acoustic imaging to monitor focused and diffuse hydrothermal venting
Brandy Cervantes (OSU), Melanie Fewings (OSU), Craig Risien (OSU)Subsurface Temperature Anomalies off Central Oregon During 2014-2021
William Chadwick (OSU), Scott Nooner (UNCW), William Wilcock (UW), Jeff Beeson (OSU)Inflation at Axial Seamount Since its 2015 Eruption
Thomas Connolly (MLML, SJSU)Nonlinear Ekman pumping and coastal upwelling off the Oregon coast
E.P Dever (OSU), C.E. Wingard (OSU), B.T. Cervantes (OSU), J.P. Fram (OSU) and C.M. Risien (OSU)pH and pCO2 Time Series from the OOI Endurance Array – Overview of seasonal and even variability and comparison to historical observations
Benjamin Evans (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Andrew March, Dave Whelihan, Jon Collis, Nicholas Beaird, Larry Mayer, Anthony LyonsICEX22 Concurrent Seismoacoustic and CTD Data Analysis
Rob Fatland (UW/eScience Institute)Sharing Synoptic Ocean Data Analysis Tools
Cheryl Greengrove (UW Tacoma), Mikelle Nuwer (UW), Julie Masura (UW Tacoma), Deb Kelley (UW)How OOI data has been used in undergraduate teaching at University of Washington Seattle & Tacoma.
Alex Harper (IOOS/CeNCOOS/MBARI), Jeffrey Abell (CPH/SWFC/MBARI), Tamara Barriquand (CPH), Jack Barth (OSU), Clarissa Anderson (SCCOOS/UCSD), Jan Newton (NANOOS/UW), Henry Ruhl (CeNCOOS/MBARI), Rob Bachenek (Axiom)Advancing Observational Capacity and Understanding off Northern California: A Critical Expansion to Quantify Climate Change Impacts, Support Model Development, and Build Community Resilience.
Yipeng He (Uconn), Robert Mason (Uconn)Hg flux along the central meridional North Pacific
Martin Heesemann (ONC), Joseph Farrugia (Pacific Geosciences Center), Earl Davis (Pacific Geosciences Center), Richard Thomson (IOS), Steven Mihaly (ONC), Alexander Rabinovich (IOS), Isaac Fine (IOS)Over a Decade of High-resolution Ocean Bottom Pressure Measurements in the Northeast Pacific
Albert Hermann (NOAA/PMEL and UW/CICOES)Dynamical downscaling of projected conditions over the 21st century in the Northeast Pacific
Julie Huber (WHOI), Dax Soule (CUNY-Queens College), Deborah Kelley (UW), Tim Crone (LDEO)Integrating subseafloor microbial, hydrological, geochemical, and geophysical processes in zero-age, hydrothermally active oceanic crust at Axial Seamount, Juan de Fuca Ridge
Alexander Kurapov (NOAA), Brandy Cervantes (OSU), Craig Risien (OSU)Using OOI data to verify ocean circulation model results with focus on interseasonal shelf and slope variability
Michelle Lee (LDEO-Columbia U), Yen Joe Tan (Chinese U of Hong Kong, Maya Tolstoy (LDEO-Columbia U, UW)), Felix Waldhauser (LDEO-Columbia U)Annual and long-term seismic velocity variations at Axial Seamount observed with seismic ambient noise
Wu-Jung Lee (APL, UW), Valentina Staneva (eScience Inst, UW)Summarizing long-term changes in daily echogram patterns observed by moored echosounders in the U.S. Ocean Observatories Initiative network
Bennit Mueller (ONC), Steve Mihaly (ONC), Yann Marcon (MARUM)Challenges for long-term CTD deployments at active hot vents and cold seeps – Examples from Ocean Networks Canada NEPTUNE observatory and OOI Regional Cabled Array
Lanfranco Muzi (ONC), Chris Verlinden (Applied Ocean Sciences), Kevin Heaney, (Applied Ocean Sciences)Understanding The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Soundscape Through Modeling And Observatory Data
Artash Nath (Monitor My  Ocean)Silence of Global Oceans: Acoustic Impact of COVID-19 Lockdowns
Yiyu Ni (UW), Shaowu Pan (UW), J. Nathan Kutz (UW), Brad Lipovsky (UW), Marine Denolle (UW)Implicit Neural Compact Representation of the OOI DAS Data
Daniel O’Shea (California State Polytechnic U, Humboldt)Use of OOI Data for Undergraduate Educational Laboratory Exercises.
Carla Peterson (UW/NUWC), William Wilcock (UW), Shima Abadi (UW)Designing an Investigation of the Effect of Ship Sound on Calling Rates for the North Pacific Fin Whale
John Ragland (UW)OOIpy – A python package for accessing OOI data
Andrew Reed (WHOI/OOI)The Carbon System and supporting data from the OOI Ocean Station Papa moorings.
Craig Risien (OSU), Melanie Fewings (OSU), Jennifer Fisher (OSU), Brandy Cervantes (OSU), Cheryl Morgan (OSU), John Barth (OSU), Michael Kosro (OSU), Jay Peterson (NOAA), William Peterson (NOAA), Murray Levine (OSU)Making Available More Than Two Decades of Mooring and Ship-Based Observations and from the Newport Hydrographic Line
Martin Scherwath (ONC), Martin Heesemann (ONC), Jesse Hutchinson (ONC)Gas hydrate observatories: Long-term observations from gas hydrate systems on the Cascadia Margin
Meng Xia (U. Maryland Eastern Shore)Numerical Modeling of the Maryland Coastal Bays
Maochuan Zhang (UW), William Wilcock (UW), Felix Waldhauser (Columbia U)Automatically focal mechanism at Axial Seamount