JULY 17 TO 21, 2023

Hosted by the OOI Facility Board with funding provided by the National Science Foundation.

The Agenda can be found HERE

DAY 1:

Welcome and Introduction

Goals and Objectives

Lecture 1 (Recording)- Broader perspective from space & connections to Biogeochemical parameters

Lecture 2 (Recording)- Basic definitions of light, IOPS, measurement theory and application

Lecture 3-5– The AC-S meter overview, AC-S Processing Steps, Derived Parameters from AC-S data

*The recordings of lectures 3-5 are not available due to technical issues

Introduction to Curated Dataset 1 and 2 (Recording)

Assignment 1

DAY 2:

Guest lecture (Recording)- Biodiversity and biogeochemistry applications of bio-optical data in the Northern California Current – Marine Biodiversity Observation Network: Maria Kavanaugh (OSU)

Lecture 6 (Recording)- Best Practices for QA/QC of AC-S data collected from long-term unattended deployments

AC-S Absorption Scattering correction methods

Lecture 7 (Recording)- OOI Observatory overview with specific focus on AC-S sensors – locations and data delivery

Lecture 8 (Recording)- OOI Data Resources: Intro to OOI Data Portal, Juypter Hub, Resources, demo/video of how to obtain download

Assignment 2

DAY 3:

Lecture 8 (continued) – Additional Curated Datasets

Guest Lecture (Recording)- User-Friendly Robot Planners for Scientific Data Collection – Ian Connor Rankin (OSU)

Guest Lecture (Recording)- Applications of in situ optical measurements to study open ocean plankton and particle communities – Ali Chase (UW/APL)

Final Presentation Expectations – Andrew Barnard presented expectations for Friday’s participant presentations

DAY 5:

Introduction of Final Presentations and Individual and Group Project Presentations (recording)

Kendra Daly (USF)- The Ugly, the Good, and the Really Exciting

Alexander Bailess (OSU) & Turner Johnson (Rutgers/SIO) – AOPs & IOPs: the search for optical closure

Meg Yoder (Boston College) & Andrew Reed (WHOI)- Pure water calibration of AC-S data at the Irminger Array

Cheng Xue (USF)- Can OOI AC-S observations be used for HABs remote sensing: case study based on preliminary data

Teemer Barry (Rutgers) & Sakib Mahmud (TAMU)- Investigation: Yaquina River Outflow Influence on Productivity

Christa Baranowski (USF), Kylene Cooley (WHOI), & Nishat Farzana Nimni (U. Maryland Eastern Shore) – Optical Absorption from CDOM at Coastal Pioneer week 1 April 2021

Ian Black (OSU) – Explore seafloor POC/CHL signals at CE02SHBP and related processes

Graham Trolley (U. Conn) – Comparing In-Situ Optical Absorption to Satellite Ocean Color Retrievals

Andrew Scherer (OSU) – Inner Shelf Chlorophyll Response to Upwelling

Yachen Li (Rutgers) – Comparison of Scattering Correction Methods for AC-S

Maggi Mars Brisbin (USF) – Pioneer Array, Inshore Surface Mooring, Near Surface Instrument Frame CTD, Flort, OPTAA Time-series

Wrap Up and Closing Remarks