OOIFB Activities Timeline

Following is a timeline of OOIFB activities.

Note -The main Operations and Maintenance Cooperative Agreement for the Ocean Observatories Initiative is being recompeted during 2017. There will be a public announcement of the award in the fall of 2017 at a National Science Board meeting. The OOIFB will, like the public in general, have no knowledge of the recompete process until the public announcement. This process creates some uncertainty in what the OOI will look like in 2018. That, in turn, affects OOIFB activities as it awaits the announcement.

The OOIFB timeline of activities for 2017 is to a large extent determined by the National Science Board schedule. In 2018 OOIFB activities will move into a regular annual schedule focused on the OOI Annual Work Plan and other items.


  • May – Inaugural meeting of OOIFB at NSF
  • June – Data Dissemination and Cyber Infrastructure ad hoc working group created.
  • June – Translational Matrices refresh exercise started
    • June 20 Information request sent to NSF
  • August 31  – interim report from Data Dissemination  and Cyber Infrastructure ad hoc working group
  • September 25-27 – OOIFB meeting at NSF
  • November 8-9, OOIFB representation (Kendra Daly) on Irminger Sea steering committee and attend workshop
  • November 130-15, OOIFB representation at Ocean Studies Board
  • December – submit OOIFB annual report to NSF


  • 11-16 February – OOIFB Townhall at Ocean Sciences 2018
  • May 2018, OOIFB Meeting at U. Washington and Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Fall OOIFB Meeting to provide input to final draft of  Annual Work Plan