Elizabeth Ferguson is the first recipient of the Larry Atkinson Travel Fellowship

Elizabeth Ferguson is an early-career scientist who received her MS in General Biology from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2014. She is currently a lecturer at California State University San Marcos and the CEO and Founding Director of Ocean Science Analytics.

Elizabeth has been awarded the Larry Atkinson Travel Fellowship to present her research on marine bioacoustic monitoring at the August 2022 Society for Marine Mammalogy conference in West Palm Beach, Florida. Ocean Science Analytics’ Coastal and Offshore Oregon Marine Mammal Ecological Study uses OOI data to study vocally active marine mammals off the coast of Oregon. Elizabeth’s research looks at the acoustic-based occurrence of marine mammal species (e.g. fin whales, humpback whales, sperm whales, delphinids) recorded by the Coastal Endurance Array hydrophones, and explores the ecosystem context of their vocal behavior and the relationship between call parameters and soundscape indices. A video of Liz’s presentation at the conference is available at: SMM2022 Video.