May 2019 – OOIFB & DDCI Meeting

The National Science Foundation Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) and Data Dissemination and Cyber Infrastructure (DDCI) Committee met on May 21, 22, and 23  (Tuesday-Thursday) at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution:

  • Tuesday, 5/21/19: OOIFB Meeting
  • Wednesday, 5/22/19 AM: OOIFB & DDCI Joint Meeting
  • Wednesday, 5/22/19 PM: DDCI Meeting
  • Thursday, 5/23/19 AM: DDCI Meeting

Agenda:  OOIFB & DDCI Meeting – May 2019 Agenda

Meeting Minutes:  OOIFB & DDCI Meeting – May 2019 Minutes


I:          Meeting Participant List

II:        Key Dates for OOIFB and DDCI

III:       OOIFB Action items

IV        OOI 2:0 PMO Update

V          Pioneer & Global Arrays Update

VI:       Endurance Array Update

VII:      Regional Cabled Array (RCA) Update

VIII:     Annual Work Plan Overview & Scoping Consideration

IX:        RCA Annual Work Plan considerations

X:         User Metrics – Science Use of OOI

XI:        Outreach and Engagement – Year-1 OOIFB activities and Plans for Year-2

XII:      OOI Outreach and Engagement Activities

XIII:     COL- OOI Synthesis & Education (OOISE) Project

XIV:     COL-OOISC Workshop Recommendations

XV:       COL- OOI Early Career Scientist Workshop

XVI:     Ocean Data Lab Project

XVII:    Cabled Array – Highlights from German Program (slides unavailable)

XVIII:   OOIFB Membership

XIX:      Endurance Array – Annual Work Plan considerations

XX:       Summary of OOIFB Day-1 Meeting Activities and OOIFB/DDCI Day-2 Plans

XXI:      CI and Data Delivery Updates from OOI Program Office

XXII:    Observatory Best Practice Overview – by COL

XXIII:   Current WHOI MIO Data and QA/QC Activities/Priorities

XXIV:   Current OSU MIO Data and QA/QC Activities/Priorities

XXV:       Current UW MIO Data and QA/QC Activities/Priorities

XXVI:     Interactive Oceans – Cabled Array Value-Added (CAVA) Program


XXVIII:   Axiom Data Science – User Defined Cyberinfrastructure

XXIX:    Moving into the Cloud with Pangeo