November 2019 – DDCI & OOIFB Meetings

The Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board (OOIFB) and the Data Dissemination and Cyber Infrastructure (DDCI) Committee will meet on November 12 and 13  (Tuesday-Wednesday) at the National Science Foundation, Conference Room E3430.

The agenda for the meeting is available HERE.

The Meeting Minutes are available HERE.

Meeting Presentations:

I.           Meeting Participant List

II.         Update from OOI Program Management Office

III.        Pioneer & Global Arrays Update

IV.        Endurance Array Update

V.         Cabled Array Update

VI.        CI and Data Delivery Updates from OOI Data Delivery Manager

VII.      BOEM Report

VIII.     WHOI MIO Data and QA/QC Activities

IX.        OSU MIO Data and QA/QC Activities

X.         UW MIO Data and QA/QC Activities

XI.      OOI Community Engagement Plans for Program Year 2 – OOI PMO 

XII.     OOIFB Community Engagement Recommendations 

XIII.     OOIFB Town Halls & OOI Booth Plans

XIV.      Science Use of OOI – OOI PMO 2.0 

XV.     ONC User Metrics 

XVI.   NSF Supported OOI Education Programs 

XVII.  OOI Science Plan 

XVIII.     OOIFB action item review

XIX.      OOIFB Membership