OOIFB Action Items – 2020

Action: OOIFB-2020-1 (Complete) – Provide future activities/tasks for the DDCI Committee – The DDCI Committee completed their report that evaluates OOI data delivery and procedures in 2019. Follow-on committee tasking and activities should be considered for 2020. Recommendations from the DDCI Committee are encouraged.

Action Taken:

  • The DDCI Committee compiled a list of future directions/activities as a Google Drive. The OOIFB was invited to contribute to the list.
  • The DDCI Committee identified the high priority focus areas and shared them with the OOIFB and NSF on August 26, 2020. NSF will consider the input from the DDCI Committee and OOIFB as they prepare a new Task Statement for the Committee.

Action: OOIFB-2020-2 (Complete) – Re-evaluate the name of the DDCI Committee – The DDCI Committee has been referred to in at least three ways: “Data Delivery and Cyber Infrastructure,” “Data Dissemination and Cyber Infrastructure,” and “Data Distribution and Cyber Infrastructure.” The OOIFB should consider the future role of the Committee and finalize a name that appropriately reflects the Committee’s planned activities. Suggestions from the DDCI Committee are encouraged.

Action Taken:

  • The DDCI Committee compiled a list of potential names as a Google Doc.
  • The DDCI Committee proposed the name, “OOI Data Systems Committee,” to the OOIFB and NSF during the OOIFB monthly web conference on August 26, 2020. NSF will consider the OOIFB/DDCI recommended name.

Action: OOIFB-2020-3 (Complete) – Review and provide input to the 2020 OOI Annual Work Plan (AWP) for Program Year 3.

Action Taken:

  • The PY3 OOI AWP with cost figures redacted was provided to OOIFB for review on April 24, 2020.
  • The OOIFB discussed the review process and timeline during their April web conference.
  • Initial AWP feedback and questions from the OOIFB is requested by May 10th.
  • Kendra Daly reviewed the initial feedback during the OOIFB May 2020 meeting.
  • June 2, 2020 – The OOIFB provides feedback to NSF regarding the OOI 2.0 Annual Work Plan for Program Year 3.

Action: OOIFB-2020-4 (Complete) – Make a vacancy appointment for the remainder of an unexpired term of an OOIFB position – A position opened on the OOIFB at the end of April 2020 due to vacancy.

Action Taken:

  • The OOIFB appointed John Wilkin (Rutgers University) to fill the unexpired position. His term will run from May 2020 to May 2021 and he will be eligible for a 3-year second term. The appointment was confirmed on May 19, 2020.

Action OOIFB-2020-5 (In-progress): Plan Town Hall session for 2020 Fall AGU Meeting – Suggested themes include:

  • OOIFB, DDCI, and NSF updates
  • OOI Program Update
  • Lightning talks

Action Taken:

  • Annette DeSilva submitted the abstract and it has been accepted by AGU
  • AGU will provide the date/time in October. The 2020 AGU Fall meeting will be entirely virtual. Additional details about the virtual format and technology available will be provided.