The ‘mandate’ section of the Terms of Reference as established by NSF follows. The full Terms of Reference can be found on the Facilities Board Documents page.

  1. Have the leadership role in community oversight of the OOI Science Plan.
    • Annually examine accomplishments of the OOI Operator, in order to provide guidance as to the contributions of the Annual Work Plans (AWPs) to the progress of the OOI Science Plan.
    • Via workshops, community meetings, and/or other mechanisms, stimulate and engage the user community in keeping the accomplishments of the OOI at the cutting edge of scientific inquiry and technological innovation.
  2. Serve as the prime scientific and technical conduit between the oceanographic community, NSF, and the OOI Operator.
    • Develop and implement strategies to expand scientific and public awareness of the unique scientific and technological opportunities of the OOI, and ensure that the oceanographic community is kept informed of developments in the OOI.
    • Identify existing and potential end-user communities, their needs for data and meta-data information from the OOI, and provide guidance on the OOI’s effectiveness in disseminating this information to end-user communities and the general public.
  3. Help identify collaborative relationships with potential governmental, industrial, educational, and international partners in the OOI, where appropriate.
  4. Ensure fair and consistent access to the OOI by all sectors of the user community.
  5. Monitor community adherence to applicable NSF policies for data collection, sample archiving, etc. as pertains to OOI activities.
  6. Monitor the appropriateness of existing, and/or facilitate the evolution of, performance standards for hardware and cyberinfrastructure, and in doing so address issues such as short- and long term instrument calibration, incorporation of novel technologies, sampling, expansion of technological upgrades, etc.