Apply to Select the Next Location of the Pioneer Array

This web page is provided to offer historical information on the process that was implemented to gather community feedback on informing the selection of the next Pioneer Array location.

Where would you like the Pioneer Array to be located? Would you like it to move to a new geographic area? Or perhaps you would like it to stay in its current location?

Scientists, educators, and other stakeholders are invited to apply to participate in the selection of the next Pioneer Array location. The application form below will allow you to propose the next geographic area for the Array. All feasible location options will be considered – new geographic areas, as well as maintaining the Pioneer Array in its current location. [Important note: The term “new location” or “location” used throughout this webpage and its associated links, are understood to incorporate the current Pioneer Array location as an option.]

Why should a new location for the Pioneer Array be considered?

The Pioneer Array was designed so that it could be relocated to a new geographic area. Read more HERE.

The process & goals for selecting a new Pioneer Array location

Selection of a new OOI Pioneer Array location will be driven by community input on the important science questions that can be addressed with observations from a new Array location.  The goals and details about the two-phase sequential Innovations Lab process for informing the selection of a new location are described HERE.

Considerations for a new Pioneer Array location

Individuals who are planning to apply for the Innovations Labs to propose a new location for the Pioneer Array should be familiar with the initial Pioneer Array’s capabilities, as well as design and system characteristics that must be considered when proposing a new geographic location. For details, please review the information provided here:

The Innovations Labs – What to expect as a participant

The first Innovations Lab will bring together scientists, educators, and stakeholders to explore possible locations for the Pioneer Array. During the week of March 15-19, interdisciplinary teams will work together to ideate and develop a roadmap of possible locations including exploring new scientific, educational, and partnership opportunities. Through the course of the week, teams will form, pitch, and refine plans (based on input from experts and other participants). Participants will meet virtually each day of the week (M-F).  Four days will be for synchronous meetings and one day will be dedicated to asynchronous team work time.

Phase I Micro Lab – January 13, 2021 – 1:00 – 2:30 pm EST:

A Micro Lab will be held on January 13, 2021 from 1:00-2:30 pm EST, where representatives from the National Science Foundation (NSF) along with the current operator of the Pioneer Array will present information about the selection process as well as technical details about the Pioneer Array.  The Pioneer Array characteristics that should be considered if proposing a new location will be discussed. Individuals interested in applying for the Phase I Innovations Lab, are encouraged to attend the Micro Lab.  

Questions from Participants along with responses are available HERE.

Innovations Lab Application Form:

Scientists, educators, and other stakeholders who are interested in participating in the process of deciding the Pioneer Array’s location and identify the opportunities that may exist at a new location can apply using the link below. The deadline to submit an application is January 31, 2021.

Application Form for the Pioneer Array Location Selection – The deadline for Applications has past. Thank you to all who applied. Applicants will be notified in mid-February regarding participant selection for the Lab.

Helpful Resources:

Questions and Answers

Please submit any questions (e.g. the application form, the process, technical details about the Array, etc.) that you have regarding the selection of a new Pioneer Array location. Questions can be submitted via the link here: Submit your question here.

We will attempt to answer questions as soon as feasible and will post the response HERE. Please check back for updates.

Questions and responses from the Phase I Micro Lab can be viewed HERE.

Important Dates

December 22, 2020 to January 31, 2021Application Process is open for participation in the Phase I Innovations Lab
January 13, 2021 at 1-2:30 pm ESTPhase I Micro Lab – Open to all individuals interesting in applying for the Pioneer Array location selection.
February  Participant Selection for the Phase I Innovations Lab
March 15-19, 2021Phase I Innovations Lab 
Late April 2021Selection of the proposed location of the OOI Pioneer Array is announced.
May 2021Phase II Application Process is open for participation in the Phase II Innovations Lab
May 12, 2021 Phase II Micro Lab  – Open to all individuals interested in helping to optimize the Pioneer Array.
Early JuneParticipant Selection for the Phase II Innovations Lab
June 21- 25, 2021Phase II Innovations Lab 
Early fall 2021NSF Panel submits their report to NSF on the proposed Pioneer Array location and how it can be optimized for science and education.