OOIFB Action Items – 2017

The following information reflects OOIFB 2017 actions.

Action: OOIFB- 2017-1 (completed): Form an OOIFB Ad-hoc Working Group on Data Dissemination and Cyber Infrastructure (DDCI).

Charge of the OOIFB Ad-hoc Working Group on Data Dissemination and Cyber Infrastructure (DDCI):

Step 1) To facilitate the assessment of OOI data quality by the scientific community, and to accelerate the integration of OOI infrastructure usage into project proposals and scientific publications, the OOIFB will establish an ad-hoc Working Group to identify near-term obstacles to the delivery of data to the science community and to create recommendations for removing these obstacles. The Data Dissemination and Cyber Infrastructure (DDCI) Working Group will include subject matter experts and cyberinfrastructure (CI) experts to review the current status of the CI component of the OOI and the existing development plans. OOIFB members Tim Crone and Jim O’Donnell will serve as co-chairs, and Brian Glazer will serve as a member. Representatives of the Marine Implementing Organizations and representatives of earlier CI Review Panels will be included as members. Representatives of the OOI CI team will be asked to participate. There are other operational systems that aggregate and disseminate marine, earth, and atmospheric sciences data and the DDCI Working Group will consider input from those enterprises. The Working Group will report to the OOIFB in August 2017.

Step 2)  Transition the DDCI to a standing committee of OOIFB.


  • Co-Chairs:
    Tim Crone, LDEO (OOIFB Member)
    Jim O’Donnell, UCONN (OOIFB Member)
  • Members:
    Brian Glazer, UH (OOIFB Member)
    Derrick Snowden, NOAA
    Orest Kawka, UW
    Stephanie Petillo WHOI
    Richard Signell, USGS
    Mary Jo Richardson, TAMU

Actions Taken

  • 8/15/17 – DDCI is learning more about uFrame and ERDDAP and starting direct discussions with the CI team.
  • 9/26/17 – DDCI reviewed their draft report at the OOIFB Meeting.
  • DDCI will hold a phone meeting this week to finailze the DDCI Report/Recommendations
  • DDCI will send the report to OOIFB early in the week starting 10/2.
  • OOIFB will have a 2-Day review and consider endorsement.
  • OOIFB will send the report to NSF no later than Friday, October 6th.
  • Report sent Oct 3, 2017.


Action: OOIFB- 2017-2 (Tabled) – Refresh OOI Traceability Matrices and Create a Conceptual Diagram of relative O&M costs versus relevance of OOI Infrastructure assets

Step 1: Refresh the traceability matrices that are included as Appendices in the document, Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) Scientific Objectives and Network Design: A Closer Look, 2009.

Step 2: Create a figure (or figures) similar to Figure 3.9 of the Sea Change: 2015- 2025 Decadal Survey of Ocean Sciences NAS report that focuses on OOI Infrastructure. Figure 3-9 is a conceptual diagram of relative operation and maintenance costs versus relevance of infrastructure assets.

Timeline – The refreshed matrices and figure are needed for the November NSB meeting. Preliminary data is needed by the summer.

  • Action OOIFB-2017-2A Request data from OOI regarding the status of sensors/instruments. (6/14/2017 Conference Call)
  • Action OOIFB02017-2B – OOIFB Matrices Review – First Cut. (6/14/2017 Conference Call)
  • 2018 – After lengthy discussions on challenges of trying to update the matrices, it was decided to rethink a way forward on how to refresh the matrices.  Attention would be focused on an updated Science Plan/White Paper.  This action is tabled for now.

Action Taken

  • 8/1/17 Preliminary test refresh of traceability matrices accomplished that leds to new insights on what information on sensors and platforms is needed.
  • 8/4/17 OOIFB web conference to review the refresh status and identify areas where additional data is needed.
  • 8/15/17 Information received from OOI on sensor and platform status. OOIFB considering what information is most useful to researchers and does not place an undue burden on operators.
  • 9/26/17 Reviewed progress on the refresh of the 2007 matrices.  Continuing activities:
    • Continue refresh activities.
    • Aspirations (looking forward) can be shown below the dashed line.  Deb’s matrix provides a good example.
    • If OOIFB would like to go out to experts in the community, they should.
    • Once the google sheet matrices are complete, the graphic design will be cleaned up.
    • Post the refreshed matrices on the OOIFB.org site.  We would like to post one or two of these to the community soon.
    • Update the matrices every 5 years.
  • Discussions continued into 2018.

Action: OOIFB- 2017-3 (completed) – Develop an OOIFB Recommendation Regarding Supporting Science with NSF-Owned Equipment Purchased for OOI

Background – In fall 2017, the Ocean Observatories Initiative will remove its two Southern Hemisphere moorings arrays.  The Southern Ocean sites and array design were considered by the OOI community consultation process to have the potential to yield observations that would provide transformational insights to the processes that control biological productivity in the Southern Ocean, and influence the earth’s weather and climate.

Action Taken

  • August/September – Sarah Gille polled the science community and drafted a recommendation.
  • 9/26/17 – OOIFB reviewed the draft recommendation.
  • 9/27/17 – OOIFB endorsed the recommendation with modifications from Jim O’Donnell, Sarah Gille, and Sheri White.  The recommendation is ready for submittal to NSF.


Action: OOIFB- 2017-4 (completed) – Provide a recommendation regarding the OOI Network Plan

  • OOIFB should send the following recommendation to NSF:
  • Recommendation: OOIFB recommends an updated document of the baseline deployed arrays, platforms and sensors accompanied by a viusalizaton of the arrays in a consistent style – OOIFB sees these as a valuable resource across the program and for users giving presentations on OOI and for publications.  Include a brief descriptive paragraph.
    • This will be needed for the Ocean Sciences Meeting in February 2018.
    • Must include a table of all sensors with user-friendly names as well as the data product name e.g., Nitrate NUTNRA
    • Deb Kelley volunteered to draft an example
  • Include information on the OOIFB.org webpage that the 2010 Final Network Design is outdated.  It is based on original pre-construction plans.

Action Taken

  • 9/27/17 OOIFB drafted and endorsed the recommendation.

Action: OOIFB- 2017-5 (completed) – OOIFB Townhall at the 2018 Ocean Sciences

  • Prepare the agenda:
    • Introduce of OOIFB
    • OOI Operational Update
    • What OOI data is availability and can it be accessed.  ‘Heat maps’ provide good examples.
    • Provide a few OOI Science success stories (Eclipse, Axial, etc.)  Invite success story speakers (outside of the IO – Scott Nooner, Karen Bemis, SIO student, etc.)
    • Snazzy demos followed by hands-on stations.
  • Engage Coastal and Global
  • Request that the town hall be on Monday.  If OOI data is easily available, then there could be workstations in the town hall room.
  • Provide lunch.
  • Broadly advertise the Town Hall and send out an NSF Kandy gram.

Action Taken

9/5/17  Submitted Abstract

9/27/17 Discussed agenda topics, format, and advertising.


Action: OOIFB- 2017-6 (completed) – OOIFB Charter

  • The OOIFB Terms of Reference need to be modified to add procedures for:
    • Appointing new members
    • Voting
    • Establishing Standing committees, and
    • General operating procedures.
  • OOIFB members are asked to send examples to Larry and Annette.
  • This will be on the agenda for review at (or before) the next meeting.

Action Taken

  • Charter accepted at the May 2018 OOIFB meeting.


Action: OOIFB- 2017-7 (complete) – Identify topics and issues of mutual interest to SOC and OOIFB that would benefit by joint discussion

  • Deb Kelley was asked to provide a list of topics that should be addressed by both the SOC and OOIFB.  She will also suggest the optimum way for us to communicate.
  • Meetings will be scheduled as needed.

Action Taken

  • Topics of joint issue are included on the agendas for discussion at in-person meetings.


Action: OOIFB- 2017-8 (completed) – Identify strategies for collecting OOI User Metrics.

  • OOIFB will task DDCI to identify strategies for collecting OOI User metrics.
  • DDCI can seek advice from experts.
  • This will be on the agenda for the next DDCI meeting.
  • This tasking is for OOI 2.0.
  • Have a web conference to learn about ONC Metrics. Richard Dewey to present.  Invite DDCI.

Action Taken

  • Discussed during Oct 2018 OOIFB/DDCI meeting.
  • Metrics reviewed by PMO and discussed by NSF and OOIFB during May 2019 meeting.
  • User Metrics were discussed at the November 2019 OOIFB meeting.  A presentation was made by ONC.
  • At the May 2020 OOIFB Meeting, it was recommended that we request a presentation on what OOI metrics are being collected by the Program.  These can be compared to ONC metrics. Then OOIFB can make recommendations on additional metrics if needed.
  • At the October 2020 OOIFB Meeting it was recommended to continue to consider new metrics.