Action: DDCI-2020-1 – Review and comment on the OOI Program response to the DDCI Report recommendations submitted to NSF – In December 2019, the DDCI Committee submitted a report, Improving Ocean Observatories Data Delivery Systems and Procedures,  with recommendations regarding OOI data delivery and cyberinfrastructure to NSF. NSF provided the DDCI report recommendations to OOI for consideration. The OOI program responded and NSF provided this response to the OOIFB and DDCI Committee on March 18, 2020. DDCI’s review of the OOI response and comments are requested by OOIFB and NSF.

Action Taken:

  • The response was discussed during the DDCI Committee web conference on 4/27.
  • A Google Document was posted to collect committee feedback.

Action OOIFB-2020-2: Fill a membership vacancy for the remainder of a term on the DDCI Committee – A vacancy appointment for the remainder of a DDCI Committee term is needed. The appointment should be filled by June 2020.

Action Taken:

  • The term vacancy was discussed during the DDCI Committee’s monthly web conference in April. A call for applications will be prepared.

Action: DDCI-2020-3 (Complete) – Review and provide input to the 2020 OOI Annual Work Plan (AWP) – The draft AWP sections that pertain to data delivery and CI were provided to the Committee on May 4, 2020.

Action Taken:

  • AWP pages pertaining to data delivery and CI with cost figures redacted provided to DDCI Committee for review on May 4, 2020.
  • Questions & Feedback regarding the AWP are requested by May 10th.
  • Tim Crone reviewed the preliminary feedback during the OOIFB May 2020 meeting.
  • June 2, 2020 – The DDCI Committee feedback is incorporated into the OOIFB final response. OOIFB provides feedback to NSF regarding the OOI 2.0 Annual Work Plan for Program Year 3.