NSF selected the initial members of the Board from a pool of nominations and self-nominations. As is normal when groups such as this are formed, members are given staggered terms. The normal term is 3 years. Members are eligible for renewal to a second term. OOI nominates two members. New appointees will be made by the OOIFB. See the Terms of Reference for details on membership.

Larry Atkinson (Chair), Old Dominion University (2-year term)
Tim Crone, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (2-year term)
Kendra Daly, University of South Florida (1-year term)
Sarah Gille, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (3-year term)
Brian Glazer, University of Hawaii (3-year term)
Ruoying He, North Carolina State University (1-year term)
Deborah Kelley, University of Washington (OOI appointee)
James O’Donnell, University of Connecticut (1-year term)
Sheri White, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (OOI appointee)