Pioneer Ancillary Activities

I want to alert you to the possibility of conducting ancillary
activities taking advantage of the ship’s capabilities (e.g. automated
underway sampling) or during down-time (e.g. overnight) on the Pioneer
spring cruise (Pioneer-10). This is an open opportunity, per the
NSF/OOI guidelines so feel free to pass this information on to others:

Information for Researchers

As is probably obvious, the ancillary activities would be on a not-
to-interfere basis with the main Pioneer tasks, would be dependent on
available bunk space and deck space, would not be funded by the OOI
infrastructure project, and would have to be staffed appropriately by
the ancillary science team.

The planned timeline for the cruise is:
Leg 1: 24 Mar –  2 Apr
Leg 2:  3 Apr – 14 Apr

Examples of things that work are underway sampling (e.g. shipboard
ADCP, multibeam or EK-80 echosounder surveys), CTDs, XBTs. Underway
sampling would be set up and monitored by the ancillary science party.
CTD work would be assisted by an SSSG tech, but the ancillary science
party would have to bring competent console operator, deck assistant,
and bottle sampling personnel. Examples of things that are difficult
to arrange are mooring work and vehicle deployments. These are highly
constrained because the Bos’n and deck crew will be working all day
and generally not available overnight.

If you are interested in this opportunity, let me know so that we can
incorporate the ideas into pre-cruise planning, which is beginning