OOIFB Town Hall at Ocean Sciences 2018

The Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board hosted a town hall at the February 2018 Ocean Science meeting in Portland, Oregon.

View Lightning Slides presented at the meeting.

Over 80 people attended the workshop.

The Town Hall was Tuesday, February 13, 2018: 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM Oregon Convention Center, Room F151.



Lunch will be provided

1245 Welcome – Larry Atkinson, Chair, OOIFB

1250 Updates from the National Science Foundation Ocean Sciences – Bob Houtman (Head of NSF Integrative Programs Section), Lisa Clough (Head of NSF Ocean Section)

1255 OOI Announcements – Mike Crowley, Leslie Smith

1300 Demo of Data Access – John Kerfoot

1305 Lightning Presentations (One Slide – One Minute)

Bill Chadwick, OSU, Axial

Aaron Marburg, UW/APL, Axial

William Wilcock, UW, Axial

Wu-Jung Lee, UW/APL, Axial

Fernanda Henderikx Freitas, OSU, Endurance

Clare Reimers, OSU, Endurance

Mei Sato, OSU, Endurance

Veronica Tamsitt, UCSD/SIO, Southern Ocean

Femke de Jong, NIOZ, Irminger

Hilary Palevsky, WHOI, Irminger

Robert Todd, WHOI, Pioneer

Gordon Zhang, WHOI, Pioneer

Glen Gawarkiewicz, WHOI, Pioneer

Ke Chen, WHOI, Pioneer

Robert Vaillancourt, Millersville, Education, and Pioneer

Cheryl Greengrove, UW/Tacoma, Educational

1330 Questions, Answers, and Discussion

1345 End of Town Hall