OOIFB welcomes new member – Dax Soule

The OOIFB welcomes Dax Soule of Queens College, City University of New York, to Facility Board. Dax is an early career scientist, with experience spanning the geophysical, educational, and data science communities. He has worked to advocate for the use of OOI data in educational settings and has helped mentor over 100 faculty on how to teach using OOI data in their classrooms. Additionally, Dax works directly with undergraduate research students on how to use OOI data.

Dax Soule has served as a charter member of OOIFB’s Data Delivery and Cyberinfrastructure (DDCI) Committee and has extensive experience with OOI data delivery. His contributions to the DDCI Committee have been highly valued.

Dax Soule received his bachelor’s degree in Geophysics from Texas A&M University. His doctorate is in Oceanography from the University of Washington. Dax is currently an Assistant Professor at CUNY Queens College in New York City.