Funding Opportunity: Cubesats, SST and sensors

The National Ocean Partnership Program announces a funding opportunity that focuses on the following:

Topic 1. CubeSat Sensors for Investigating Littoral Ocean & Atmospheric Dynamics

Topic 2. Improved & Routine Production, Stewardship and Application of the Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) Data

Topic 3. In-situ Ocean Sensor Research & Technology Development

3A. Power Reduction and/or Miniaturization of In-situ Ocean Sensors and Improved On Board Processing (Arctic/ Antarctic to Tropical and full water column)

3B. Sensor Research & Advanced Technology

3B1. Soft Matter Electronics and Ocean Sensors

3B2. In-situ Ocean Sensors for “OMICs”

3B3. Next Generation Autonomous In-situ Ocean Sensors

3C. Improving Technology Readiness Levels of Existing & Emerging Autonomous In-situ Ocean Sensors

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