DDCI Committee – 2018 Action Items

Action: DDCI-2018-1 (complete): Formalize DDCI Terms of Reference & Membership

  • It is anticipated that the DDCI will be significantly tasked during 2018/2019. With this in mind, the DDCI should formalize their terms of reference and review their membership by September 30, 2018.

Action Taken


Action: DDCI-2018-2 (pending): Data Delivery Evaluation

  • The DDCI is tasked to conduct a baseline evaluation on data delivery plans of the new OOI 2.0 operator no later than December 31, 2018.
  • The DDCI is tasked to conduct a review of the success of the OOI data delivery for completion in April 2019 (6 months after the OOI 2.0 begins). Metrics for success will be established for the review.

Action Taken


Action: DDCI-2018-3 (pending): NSF Tasking to DDCI – Provide a report which evaluates OOI Data Delivery

  • Tasking for development of the OOIFB (Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board) DDCI (Data Distribution and Cyberinfrastructure) Subcommittee Report. The report will be submitted to the OOIFB for review, approval and submission to NSF:

    Goal- Provide a report which evaluates whether or not OOI Data Delivery “meets the needs” of the oceanographic community. Evaluate other available options, and to the extent possible, identify the resources that would be needed to implement and operate the alternatives.  

    Within the overall goal above, evaluate Data Delivery and Cyberinfrastructure systems (M2M, raw data, IRIS, ERDDAP, cyberinfrastructure inclusive of both software and hardware, etc.), employing methods such as Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) analyses at an appropriate level, coupled with facility provided information on user numbers and what resources are being committed to each. SWOT analyses and resource requirements should be completed to the extent possible for identified alternatives.

    The report should utilize an incremental scale when addressing the question of “meets the needs”, perhaps employing something like inadequate, adequate, exemplar.

    The Subcommittee will incorporate input from the community via public surveys, and possible follow-up meetings or workshops.  The NSF will entertain requests for resources to support gathering community input, and investigation of alternatives where necessary.

    Timeline: The NSF requests receipt of the OOIFB approved report by 1 November 2019.  The report will then be shared with an external panel that NSF will be convening in early December 2019. The OOIFB DDCI report, and the follow-on external panel report, will be shared throughout NSF, inclusive of supporting an anticipated NSF OCE report to the NSB in May 2020.

    Time period for analysis: Recognizing the rapidly changing pace of data delivery and cyberinfrastructure systems, the NSF asks the OOIFB DDCI Subcommittee to use a time period of three years when considering user needs and the capabilities of the existing system or alternatives to meet those needs.

    Tasking received from NSF on November 9, 2018

Action Taken