DDCI Call for Applications

Applications for membership on the Data Dissemination and Cyber Infrastructure Committee are being accepted until August 30, 2018. 

Application Information

The Terms of Reference for the DDCI (Annex I of the OOIFB Charter) provides additional information about the responsibilities and composition of the DDCI.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding DDCI  – we will post answers to questions here during the application period.

  • Do members receive any kind of compensation? No. All travel costs are reimbursed.
  • What is the time commitment? Members are expected to place a high priority on participation in all meetings and activities. You can anticipate several meetings per year in DC or other locations, teleconferences on a weekly to monthly frequency, and quick response requests.
  • Why is this important? The DDCI represents the research and education community about access to and management of OOI data. Your input and guidance go directly to NSF program officers and operators of the OOI. OOI will be operational for decades so it is essential that the data be easily available, accurate and of high quality.
  • What was the previous DDCI? The OOIFB established a temporary (ad hoc) working group just after OOIFB was created. Now we need to establish a permanent DDCI. Thus this call for applications. Activities of the DDCI working group is here.